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With years of expertise and a passion for offering ongoing excellence, we have become one of the premier event bartending services in town. For those looking to learn more about what we offer and why this is the ultimate team, here's a peek.

What Do We Cover?  

Benefits of hiring the Right Bartending Company

1) Professional

Bartending sets the tone at any event. People will casually stroll over to the station and ask for a drink knowing it will be served to them professionally. The right team will make sure this is an enjoyable experience that's easy-going, straight to the point, and leads to an enjoyable beverage. This high level of professionalism is the bare minimum when it comes to excellent service. If a company is unable to set the tone, then it will not lead to a good start. Always trust a team that has done it before and has trained bartenders on-call.

This professionalism is going to leak over into everything the team has to offer whether it's a simple smile to greet guests or a full-out personalized drink. The details are what matter and it begins with the right amount of professionalism.

Guests often rave about a party when the bartending is excellent. This is a common theme and something a world-class event bartending company can recognize immediately. With an organized and competent staff, the station is always going to be ready to go and will offer the kind of control necessary at modern events. Why deal with a solution that doesn't account for professionalism when the best offer it in abundance? This is why our services have become renowned in the region and are a commonplace at local events.

2) Timely

Professionalism is often used as an umbrella term when it comes to bartending at an event. A world-class company is dedicated to an established timeline and will always be honest with its clients. This includes setting the timeline and meeting all deadlines without a problem. If there are issues with the scheduling, this can lead to a failed event, and that is the last thing anyone wants!

By trusting a professional team that is going to give it everything, the scheduling will never be a problem. Everything is going to be kept in mind and will be ironed out in advance with a trustworthy representative. Not only will the bartenders be ready to go, but they will also have the refreshments in place along with all necessary additions. This is the charm of going with the right team and knowing it will be done as needed.

A modern event should never be bogged down by something as simple as the bartending. With this company at the helm, clients will be able to make the call, book a professional station, and know it 's going to take care of the guests from start to finish!

3) Customized Services

The right company is always going to personalize the event and make sure it's not a rehashed version of what may have been done before. If a person is coming to a birthday party, it should not feel as if they have walked into a Bar Mitzvah! This is a major requirement and is a big part of the theme that is set. By understanding what the client is going for and how they will be hosting the event, a bartending service can cater to those needs. Each bartender is going to have a grasp of what is needed to keep the guests content and make sure the theme is maintained.

Customization is the name of the game, which is why it's best to go with a proven company Like Event Bartenders. Everything will be tailored to the client's requests including the drinks that are served and how they are handed out. Each detail plays a big role in how the event pans out, which is why this is the ultimate company in town. We have been able to manage a wide array of local events without ruining the theme or getting in the way. This is what we do better than anyone else in the industry!

4) Complete Event Coverage

Don't want a situation where the bartending company is packing up and calling it a day early? This is one of the worst situations to be in and is the last thing anyone should have to deal with as a host. By trusting a team that has been around for a while, it is comforting to know such stunts will not be pulled. Our team is going to have a proper timeline in place and will adhere to it without fail. Each representative is going to take the time to set this schedule and will always have the right pros on hand to manage each station.

This is a guarantee with the best in the industry and is a must.

Our team is one of those companies that take care of these details. We do not waste time nor do we rush out the door as soon as the clock ticks away. We want to make sure the client is happy along with the guests. This is where our coverage stands out and makes a name for itself as a premier solution for all modern events. Whether it's a bachelor's party or something else, we always offer full coverage.

5) Well-Equipped Stations

The stations are not going to be short-served at any stage of the event. We will always have a finger on the pulse, and that's a must with bartending stations. Imagine hosting an event, setting up the stations, and then not having enough beverages to hand out to guests. This is a nightmarish situation no one wants to deal with, but it can happen with the wrong team onboard!

A quality company can account for these details and will always keep tabs on the drinks. This is a part of the job, and the station has to be managed with this in mind.

Our team is heralded for always be up-to-date during the event and will continue to monitor the drinks. We want to make sure the event is successful, and that's going to include the station's management. By handing us the job, hosts know the stations will never be out of order and are going to function as necessary. Having such assured quality by your side is what it all comes down to at an event. Hosts can relax a bit and let the team take care of these finer details.

6) Ideal Packages

Cookie-cutter packages don't work and will lead to a boring event. The perfect company is going to go the extra mile to work with clients on how the station will be run. This includes the amount of coverage, type of drinks, and the number of bartenders at any given moment. Having all of these details mapped out is what makes a quality company appealing.

We are a team that is serious about the packages that are offered and always provide something unique. This is how we can deliver world-class service at all times of the event


7) 100% Satisfaction

Being put into a situation where the bartending is below-par is never ideal. A good company is going to take the time to put together robust quality control processes for their bartenders.

This will include how they treat guests, the type of drinks that are prepared, and how quickly things are done at the station. Nothing is going to be skipped over, and that's the charm of a world-class setup. It will bring a smile to one's face, and that's what we do best as a service provider. Our bartenders are highly trained and guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Why Choose Us?

Hosting an event and feeling confident in how it's carried out remains important. With our world-class services and client-centric approach, the experience is going to be out of this world. We have some of the finest professionals working onboard, and we take the opportunity to customize every last detail. Whether it's a birthday party or a fun-filled bachelor party, we can do it all and make it ten times better.

With a passionate approach to event bartending, our staff is equipped to handle the nuances of a great event and will take pleasure in making it picture-perfect. From the best drinks to the ideal service, we can do it all and do it well! This is where our team has become the ultimate option for any upcoming event and is a desirable solution for hosts wanting quality. The right event bartending company is all about the details, and our goal is to stand out while delivering something that is wholesome.

Call now to find out more about what we have to offer and book a date as soon as possible!

Areas We Service: Denver Aurora, Castle Rock, Boulder, Evergreen, Frisco, Vail, Aspen, Castle Pines, Colorado Springs.