Corporate Events with Flair! 5 Places in Colorado Where you Should Host Your Team-Building Event

Corporate Events with Flair! 5 Places in Colorado Where you Should Host Your Team-Building Event
Team-building – the art of the action or process of causing a group of people to work together effectively as a team, especially by means of activities and events designed to increase motivation and promote cooperation; in other words, a week or weekend to spend with colleagues and or peers that you know little to nothing about, with the hopes of building a stronger connection to promote harmony in the workplace. For some people, this might be the perfect and fun social opportunity to gain insight into the people you work with in order to find some common ground with them, for others it is a mandatory work related gathering that they have to participate in.

What can turn the latters perception into the formers has a great deal to do with the activities and the location of the events. While most of the activities might seem unnecessary or boring, the location however has the potential to influence the total outcome of the entire team-building event.

In Colorado, there are many venues for various events stemming from weddings to corporate events. For such corporate events, the state of Colorado boasts venues with a flair for individuals who want to have their team-building session in said environment. For those people who are interested in having a team-building event, but do not know where to look, there’s no need to panic, that’s what we’re here for! Below, we have compiled five great places in Colorado where you could host your next team-building event:

The Hotel Monaco Denver

This location has just undergone some recent renovations to include five new rooms that can seat up to 180 people, as well as the latest, state of the art technology that can be incorporated into whatever activities held in the room. This venue is quite notorious and perfect for a Dining in the Dark team-building exercise, in which participants are served foods while they are completely blindfolded, and then interact with each other and share what they are experiencing as they try something that is truly unique. This gives the team an opportunity to build trust among each other as they share their taste with other team members who have to believe that what they are hearing is accurate.

Adams Mystery Playhouse

Also known as Denver’s original mystery dinner theatre, this location is complete with costumes and all. The epitome of flair, it is perfect for a team-building event because it creates a unique story for each party, in which they all have to participate in, in order to solve the mystery. It builds trust among team members as well as the ability to think critically on the spot. The choice of having dinner on site in the theatre is just an added bonus.

Painting Soiree on Santa Fe

A funky, creative art class that teaches painting techniques as well as abstract painting and offers participants the ability to do “impulse paintings”, this location in Denver is perfect for a team-building event because it creates a relaxed environment, where your team feels comfortable expressing their creativity. It brings about a different side of co-workers as well as giving them the opportunity to perhaps see some art talent they didn’t know their other coworkers had.

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Clear Creek Rafting Co

This venue is the perfect place to put members together when looking to increase team work among colleagues. Rafting down a steep, narrow, technical river is both challenging and fun and just what is needed to teach colleagues the concept of cooperation, not only during the task but as well as to apply it in their work environment.

Rock’n & Jam’n 2

Just like the rating venue, this rock-climbing venue is another flair location to host your next team-building event. There’s nothing wrong with a little competition among colleagues, and more times it helps boost the team spirit as well as rapport among colleagues. The option of rock climbing, lead bouldering and even slack-lining creates variety for the participants, hence they don’t lose interest in the activities.

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