No Instruments Needed! Putting a Twist on a Traditional Band for Your Special Occasion

No Instruments Needed! Putting a Twist on a Traditional Band for Your Special Occasion
Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and stressful at times. Most people want to make sure it is the absolute perfect day, while also putting their own unique touches in place as a statement of who they are. From the cake, to the food, to the outfits and even the decor, everything usually tends to receive months of thought, planning and preparation. One thing however, a thing that is arguably one of the most important parts of a wedding, but is often over looked or paid less attention to than it should be when held in comparison to other various wedding planning aspects, is the wedding band.

Great Wedding Music Suggestions

Wedding music can really make or break any wedding’s reception, because it, in a way, works to setting the tone for the entire reception itself. Therefore, it is important that you put some time and thought into who you choose to have perform on your special day. Don’t just throw a few songs onto your iPod and call it ‘good-to-go’. You and your guests deserve better than that and both your future selves and guests will thank you for the great music.

With that being said, we have a great suggestion for you: why not consider hiring a great local band for your event? A band that has been recognized internationally, has preformed at numerous, big and small named venues, a band that is modern rock oriented, (focusing on all your favorite songs from Bruno Mars to Bastille, and even having a few of their own original songs to share), and a band that will surely bring both great energy to your event as well as help to make the statement of the year. Why not consider hiring the band, FACE!

But what makes FACE so different you ask? Why should you hire this band above another for one of — if not the — biggest events in your life? Well, for a few reasons. To start, FACE is actually an all a cappella group that is based out of Boulder Colorado, (making them a great option for private events for anyone in the Denver Metro area). FACE is also available to be booked as both the opening act, as well as the main musical entertainment at your even, either for the reception itself, for the moment you walk down the aisle, or for your wedding’s cocktail hour, making them not only versatile, but flexible in regards to scheduling as well.the band face denver wedding event bartender colorado

In addition, this is simply an extremely talented group of men who are a complete vocal group that require no instruments to give a stellar performance, thus making them a more unique option than you may have seen, heard about or considered previously. Furthermore, they have truly proven their worth on both the large stage as well as in private event music settings. In short, it would be extremely difficult to go wrong with hiring a band that is sure to bring your event to a whole new level of both fun and class, while making it an extremely memorable night for all those who attend.

Don’t just take our word for it though; FACE has an entire website, dedicated to providing users with information on who they are, what it is they do, when they are available, and more. In fact, the FACE website even lets people read individualized profiles on each of the five current members (and some previous), allowing users to truly get an idea of who the people in this band are, why they do what they do and how exactly they will fit into your event. What’s more, the FACE website even provides viewers with multiple opportunities to watch the group perform, via a fairly extensive list of video examples of their sound, ability and musical skill.

Really one of the most talented a cappella groups around, and definitely at the top of the a cappella scene in Denver, FACE will undoubtedly bring a fun and uniqueness into your wedding day, via their incredible skill, quality performances and overall ability to bring out the best in a crowd. For more information on FACE, or to book them for your own private event, simply visit their website at:! You will be very glad you did.

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