Cooking Together: Corporate Team-Building and Client Entertaining

Cooking Together: Corporate Team-Building and Client Entertaining
Everybody loves to eat… that’s a fact, but not everybody likes to cook. Or maybe some people like to cook but not everybody knows how to cook. Whatever the case might be, a sure way to bond is through cooking. Sure people like to cook alone so they can control their space, and others do not like people watching them while they cook, but one thing is for certain, corporate cookery is a different, but sure way to bond with your team and entertain your clients.

Cooking as a Team Building Exercise

Cooking classes are part of a growing number of team-building experiences offered by various companies in the Denver area, as the demand for building team skills through cooking is high. If you are contemplating cooking as a team building exercise and have no idea where to start, you’re in the right place. We’ve done all the research so you do not have to. Here, you can find ideas on cooking as a corporate team building events, where to find such companies in the greater Denver area and what they entail.

First off, private event cooking classes are quite different from the regular cooking classes that one can register for. While the regular cooking classes are for people who want to perfect their culinary school, or learn how to cook a particular dish, the private event cooking classes are offered to interested teams as a way to build communication and develop team spirit among team members. Similar to any team building exercise but with the added aspect of cooking, this activity focuses more on how the cooking is done, than the actual food being cooked. In order to gain the most out of this experience, interested participants need to understand the aim of the program. Working as a team, participants prepare, enjoy and celebrate a serious multi-course gourmet meal. These type of cooking events often accommodate anywhere from 5 to 30 participants; give or take, depending on what people would like to cook, who will be fully involved in the cooking, and if it’ll be a competition such as a chilli cook off.

Colorado cooking events seem to be more fun as it can be set up as a mini excursion; instead of the company bringing the equipment to your office, which might not be the best idea because office space might not be set up completely for kitchen duty, they advise that interested participants travel in a team to the venue where everything has been set up, the food stuff provided as well as the tools, appliances and aprons.

Below, we have complied a list of companies in the Denver Colorado area that combine everything you need to provide the culinary team building experience you have been looking for:

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Stir Cooking School

This spot is great for culinary client entertaining events. Located in Denver, it takes its passion for culinary skills to the next level by incorporating themes into the cooking classes. Great for team building, especially if you plan it during the holiday season, or you come up with a theme as a collective such as Mexican night, Stir is sure to incorporate that into your event, to make sure that the fun is added to your team building excursion.

For the Love of Food

True to its motto, this company with various locations in Colorado feeds the passion of its clients by specializing in what they call a ‘team building retreat”, where a team collaborates to prepare a meal, and then sit down to share the mea after – an effective activity with long lasting results. They promise that through the three to four hour sessions, participants discover how to work as a cohesive team, utilizing effective communication, planning and leadership – which is usually the intent of team building activities.

The Gourmet Spoon

Creating a relaxing, non-threatening atmosphere, The Gourmet Spoon aims to enhance camaraderie and increase communication among team members. According to their website, “the dynamic of cooking together is unparalleled in the realization of these goals as it emphasizes group coherence and produces immediate and tangible results. When you are looking for a fun, relaxing and interesting event to bring your employees together, culinary team building is the answer”. It is a place of choice for corporate team-building in Denver.

When it comes to corporate team-building and client entertaining, step away from the usual boardroom conference into a world of culinary possibilities that yield the same results, if not better ones than what the usual conference does. If you are in Denver area, and are interested in learning about adding bartenders to your next cooking event as a means of corporate team building, head to our website at - Celebrating one drink at a time!