Get in the Mix: DJs in Denver Metro Area

Get in the Mix: DJs in Denver Metro Area
Looking to throw a great party? Want to experience a whirlwind of fun, centering on dancing to good music with your friends and family? Or do you just need some great background noise to fill the space at your event? Then you might want to consider hiring a great DJ. DJs can be great additions to any party or event, including but not limited to: weddings, birthdays, corporate events, openings, barbecues and so much more! Finding the right DJ however, can be a bit of a challenge. That is why we have put together the following list of some of our favorite local DJs in Denver — DJs that are big enough to be well known, but are also available as private event DJs. Without further ado, and not in any particular order, some great DJs in Colorado:

Check out Mannequin. This is a group of highly talented musicians and performers that offer everything from ceremonial music at weddings to DJ sets for receptions. A quality group of people who’s greatest desire is to facilitate the fun and good times at your event, Mannequin is one of the top groups in the market currently for Colorado wedding music and good times. Learn more at their website:

Consider DJ Rockstar Aaron. DJ Rockstar Aaron is the 2013 Winner of Westword’s Best of ‘Dance DJ’ category, and is one of the most highly requested names for both weddings as well as corporate events, and is experienced at keeping the good times rolling, people moving and fun flowing all night long. Additionally, this DJ brings with him an unconventional image which will add flair to any environment, as well as the ability to seamlessly blend multiple, diverse and popular musical genres, culminating in the best night of dancing you’ve experienced in ages. Learn more at com, and remember to book in advance because DJ Rockstar Aaron is definitely in high demand!

DJ Desire is a great option too! DJ Desire currently works for STAR, (a company that offers DJ services to many for events such as corporate events, weddings, clubbing, openings, private parties and more). Originally from Amsterdam (The Netherlands), and now working mainly between Denver and NYC, DJ Desire offers a perfect blend of Electro / House / Pop / Reggae/ Dance Hall / Rock / and Top 40s, allowing for an eclectic mix that all will enjoy listening to and love dancing to even more! Additionally, DJ Desire has spun for big names such as: spun for Madonna & Missy Elliott, Old Dirty Bastard, making her a must have for you event! Check her out on STAR’s website at:

Don’t forget to check out DJ Maestro! DJ Maestro is a DJ/company that is specifically dedicated to bringing the fun and life to weddings and special events through music, and wants to make sure your event is the best it can possibly be. Specifically setting out with the mindset to keep the pace at your event, as well as the fun flowing, those at DJ Maestro tailor their music selections to your specifications, work on your timeline and ensure a good time without drawing too much attention to themselves. Perfect for anyone looking to have great music and a great time with less of an actual show, DJ Maestro is the place to go! Learn more about bookings, music, etc, at the DJ Maestro webpage:

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Now keep in mind, these are just a few options to get you started on you search to find the perfect DJ for your event; it is by no means a comprehensive list of all the DJs in the Denver area (you would need pages upon pages of space to list them all!). However, it does suffice to get you started, and if research isn't really your thing, selecting one from any of the DJs on this list won’t lead you wrong. All are highly experienced and reviewed DJs who aspire to helping you throw the best event possible. Whether you are looking for a crazy night of dancing or some background music to keep things fun and light, there is something for everyone on this list. So what are you waiting for? Pick the one that sounds best to you and book them now!

Along with great music, it’s also important to have great bartenders to make sure your event runs smoothly. If you’re also looking to have your entire cocktail hour and drink service taken care of for you during your special occasion, check out to learn more. Contact one of our representatives as soon as possible. Eventbartenders – celebrating one drink at a time!