Winter Wedding Getaways!

Winter Wedding Getaways!
 If big crowds are not your forte, and you do not really have the patience to take care of minute-by-minute details for your wedding, then perhaps a destination wedding might be the right choice for you. Contrary to popular belief that your wedding is a special day that must be witnessed by everybody you are somehow related to, or that it must be in a location that is easily accessible to all your family, there are still people who prefer entering matrimony in a location that is far away from their normal everyday surroundings.

When it comes to deciding where to have a destination wedding, the possibilities are endless. The misconception that a destination wedding has to be on an island or in tropical locations thousands of miles away from the United States is inaccurate as people believe that the warm weather in the islands is an attraction for weddings. But right here in the United States, even during the winter months, there are a number of ways to enjoy a winter wedding getaway, especially in the Denver area.

Winter Weddings in Denver

Most couples these days are opting for a ski resort wedding in the city of Colorado, because of its notoriety of action filled activities and breathtaking venues. Having a winter wedding in Colorado is a different experience; albeit worth it. The pros of having a winter wedding in Colorado at a destination resort are numerous and definitely rewarding. According to, more than two million Americans wed every year, with less than twenty percent of them going with the winter getaway wedding idea. Wouldn’t you like to stand out with your own getaway? One of the many upsides to this is that you get to be unique in your wedding; no need to choose from the same old hometown spots that your other friends have booked or that is known as the wedding spot, you get the opportunity to be a trendsetter.

The greater Denver area alone boasts over twenty-six ski resorts; any of which would make the perfect location for a winter getaway wedding. Often times, people wonder what to do at a ski resort, let alone when it is an occasion such as a wedding, but there are many activities to keep the guests and the couple busy for their entire duration at the resort. From activities such as skiing and snowshoeing, to group events like visiting on site observatories and mountain tours, there is never a dull moment at a ski resort in Colorado.

Most venues offer ski classes for couples of guests that do not know how to ski, in an attempt to make sure that the entire wedding party is participating in all the events. When it comes to having winter getaway destination weddings at ski resorts, a lot of people shy away from it because of the amount of planning they think it will entail. However, it is the complete opposite.

Most ski resorts like the Telluride Ski Resort offer free planning help to couples, whether the event is for a party of six or sixty people, as well as an abundance of packages that keeps things simple while still giving the couple an option to customize things to fit their tastes. Another perk to having a winter getaway destination wedding at a ski resort is the fact that there is the benefit of saving on décor.

winter wedding getaways colorado denver

Having a wedding in a location with nature falls or a snowfall arena calls for less decorations, especially when you’re looking for a beautiful backdrop for those wedding photos. After the ceremony is finished and you and your guests have danced the night away, you are in the perfect location to begin your fabulous honeymoon early. No need to leave your venue to catch a flight, you’re already in a relaxed mood and one additive to having your honeymoon at the resort is that there is always the negotiation for a reduced rate for the couple after the wedding and when the guests have gone home.

Less stress, pay less for more and honeymoon in a winter resort? Yes please!

While you’re planning winter wedding getaway in Denver, why not plan to liven up the party by hiring some bartenders take care of your drink menu and drink service for you.

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