Destination Weddings in Colorado

Destination Weddings in Colorado
Weddings are an exciting time; a wedding is when one person vows to love and be with another forever, usually celebrated with family and friends and tending to be one of the biggest days in a couple’s life. So where a wedding takes place is naturally a very important decision. When it comes down to it, it is really about the couple themselves, why not say, “I do” forever in a place of astounding beauty? After all, pledging to love someone forever is no small commitment, and doing so in a place of beauty and wonder can really help to bring about an overall energy of love and romance for all who attend.

There are plenty of places in Colorado where couples can choose to have their wedding, places that feel (and perhaps simply are for some), like the best destination wedding locations the world has to offer — all right in Colorado’s own backyard! So, without further ado, here are four of the best wedding destination locations in the Colorado area.

The Chapel at Red Rocks

This is a great location for any wedding! Consisting of a beautiful chapel with wide windows, sweeping natural views and lots of included amenities (such as private dressing rooms for the bride and groom, complementary champagne, silk flowers and more), the Chapel at Red Rocks is hard to beat in regards to locational beauty and services. Additionally, the Chapel at Red Rocks is an easy to reach location, (being a wedding venue close to Denver, and despite maintaining the advantages being in the mountains with perfect mountain and valley views), and is available to bridal parties in all seasons. Learn more about having your wedding at The Chapel at Red Rocks on their website, at:

Denver’s Own Clock Tower

Arguably one of the most notable landmarks in the city of Denver, Denver’s clock tower is not just an exciting place to hold your wedding, but a beautiful place to hold it as well. Recently renovated and featuring a classic yet modern decor, the clock tower offers the fifth, (and highest), floor of its interior to those who wish to have an exciting, memorable and beautiful wedding, (please note that it is also available for corporate events, private events, etc, as well). A truly and timeless place to pledge your undying love and support to another, and undoubtedly a Colorado wedding location unlike any other, Denver’s clock tower will make all the difference in your special day. Learn more about the clock tower itself, booking and more at:

Della Terra Mountain Chateau

This is a beautiful place for a destination wedding in the mountains! Located in Estes Park, the Della Terra Mountain Chateau exists at the end of a long, winding, road, emitting a feeling of total seclusion and escape from the overall vibe of a fast paced city, while retain all (if not more), of the comforts and luxuries of a high quality hotel in the city. Built in the center of nature, and surrounded by untouched beauty, (i.e. overlooking the southern valley, the western continental divide and a sea of luscious green pines), the Della Terra Mountain Chateau is the perfect option for anyone looking for a mountain wedding or a wedding in nature. Learn more at:

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Union Station

This is possibly one of the best wedding venues in Colorado. Having been newly renovated over the last few years, the historic Colorado landmark mixes an eclectic and modern feel with the ability to impress upon those who walk through its halls all of its historic past. Over 100 years old and a key part to Denver’s overall history and beauty, Union Station is the perfect place to consider saying “I do” to the one you love. Learn more at:

Now keep in mind, this is not a comprehensive list of all the places Colorado has to offer as beautiful locations and venues for destination weddings. However, it is a great start, listing four of the most noteworthy, memorable and beautiful places Colorado has to offer on the whole. So take a look through them all, do a bit of your own research, then call and request a quote from your favorite today!

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