Ding Dong, the Booze has Arrived! More Liquor Stores Now Delivering!

Ding Dong, the Booze has Arrived! More Liquor Stores Now Delivering!
Planning a party or gathering can have lots of steps and include lots of stops to make. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to shop at liquor stores from the  convenience and comfort of you own home? With the online sales trend growing in every market it only makes sense to make beer, wine and other types of alcohol available through online stores including delivery. Select liquor stores offer delivery though their brick and mortar stores as well.

Although this service may not be available nation wide yet as each state has their own rules and regulations regarding alcohol sales and delivery. It is good news for residents of the Denver, Colorado area as you can now order your alcohol online and have it delivered. There are many websites available in this area that offer this service. Some sites are even offering free delivery after purchase of a specified pre-tax purchase amount. Certain sites even offer same day delivery, including delivery up to as fast as 30-60 minutes after the order is placed.

Deliveries can be arranged to arrive at your home for personal use, parties or gatherings; or you can arrange for delivery to your wedding venue or any other venue. Looking for gift ideas, instead of sending flowers or chocolates, why not send them their favourite bottle wine, beer or other spirit? Some sites are also offering gift baskets of favourite beverages that can be delivered as well. Imagine having a rough day at work, or you get a promotion; logging on to your favourite beverage ordering site and arranging for your favourite drink or bottle of champagne and selecting for it to be delivered not long after you get home. No extra stops needed and you’re still able to enjoy your drinks!

Delivery Apps for Liquor Stores !

Not only are there online liquor stores that offer online shopping and delivery from traditional websites but apps are also being created that are available for both Androids and iPhones. Most of these apps are free to download but do include in app purchases. Some top apps to check out for this service are are  Minibar, Drizly and Liquor Limo.

How Does it Work?

Many of these sites have partnered with local liquor, beer or wines stores in certain areas to provide this service. The alcohol that is ordered can either be delivered to your home or to the event location. According to the terms and service, that upon agreeing to them, you must agree that you are over the age of 21 and that photo identification must be show at time of delivery. Delivery can be made to another party (such as a venue manger) as long as they are over 21 and willing to provide identification. No deliveries will be left unattended for any reason or amount of time. There must be someone over the age of 21 available to receive the delivery. Although many companies will do same day delivery if you are putting in a large order it would be recommended to place your order in advance to ensure that you will have the correct order for you.

Planning any event from corporate or family events, all the way to weddings there are many services available to make planning and organizing these events easier. One major part of these events can be your bar. With a bar comes a lot of different areas that you might not know about or want to deal with personally, think about adding a professional into the mix.

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At EventBartenders we offer our professional bartending services to help you in many ways. We can assist in bar planning, creating cocktails, mixing and serving drinks. Our certified and professional bartenders are able to help you bring the party and keep your guests safe. While we can assist with many different areas of your bar it is up to the clients to provide the alcohol. Adding our service to your alcohol delivery only makes your party planning easier, and helps you to be to relax and enjoy the party.

Do you have any questions about cocktails, beers or wines? Do you need help with planning your bar? Do want more information on our bartending services in the Colorado area contact us or visit www.eventbartenders.com to request a quote today, or book your next event today. EventBartenders - Celebrating one drink at a time!