Gimme S’More!

Gimme S’More!
Obsessed with desserts? So are we! For all the sweet-toothed people, there is a way to incorporate a dessert table at your next event. Dessert tables are not a feature at most events because most people do not think they are important or they do not know how to incorporate dessert tables into their menu. Another concern is that desserts are normally too messy to serve, and we're not even talking about cleaning up after the event is done. However, there are ways to have your dessert table and eat it too.

Dessert Ideas for Events in Denver

Many venues in the Denver area are experts in creating signature dessert tables at wedding, featuring a variety of sweet treats, especially chocolate-y type desserts. One familiar set up you will see at wedding would be the famous chocolate fountain – anywhere from a twenty to fifty-inch structure of heated chocolate melting down into a basin. Most times there are accompanying fruits such as strawberries or bananas for people to dip into in order to enjoy the chocolate fountains. But these days there is a better way to enjoy even more with a chocolate fountain. S’mores! That’s right; you do not have to wait until your next camping trip to enjoy the goodness that is soft marshmallows in between chocolate and graham crackers roasting over a bonfire. You can enjoy it at your next event.

If you’re a s’mores addict; just like most of us, you could actually have a s’mores table as a dessert feature at your next event. Perfect for an outdoor event, you can create a DIY s’mores dessert table where you and all your guests can binge on all s’mores all the time.

With a DIY table, you do not have to stick to the regular chocolate fountain. Yes, you could provide the ingredients for your guests but if you’re going to step out and be different by having a s’mores table, why not go all the way and have some s’mores flavored treats as well. S’more inspired desserts and are now appearing in many shapes and forms. From gourmet treats to cookies, cakes and cupcakes – practically any sweet treat which goes well with chocolate and marshmallows.

If you’re worried about the set up in terms of making a mess, there are so many ways to have it appear neat around the table. There is always the option of pre-packaging. A small container with layers of hard chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers could serve as a party favor in the place of cake, for guests to take home, or (for those who can’t wait) eating in during the reception. It also helps in terms of decorations because it creates a visual that is appealing to the eye.

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Secondly, you could always have mini fondue pots at each table so that the mess, if any is contained, as opposed to having a large fountain at the serving table, thus creating a line up and disrupting activities during the reception. Another creative option is to consider a select station with those little plate heaters or even mini candles for those who want to go heat up their marshmallows. Setting it up like a buffet bar will ensure traffic control and will still make it aesthetically pleasing.

But it’s not just about the setup; what’s on the table also counts. For people who are deciding to go with a s’mores table as a dessert feature at their next event, but are afraid of having the same old chocolate, crackers and marshmallows, this is where some DIY creativity comes in.

Who says there only has to be three ingredients. You could swap out some ingredients; like actual chocolate for Nutella instead, or include a little something extra like caramel sauce, or even sprinkles. There’s also the option of different flavors of jams and jellies to add color to your already tasty dessert. Since you’re absolutely comfortable with s’mores being your only dessert feature, you could take all these added flavors and create a signature s’mores dessert menu like the classic cracker, marshmallow and chocolate or the bold pina colada, which takes a twist on the original by adding toasted coconuts and dried pineapple slices.

Stand out at your next event with these creative ideas that will leave your guests saying gimme s’more of that tasty treat. To find out more about DIY dessert menus, s’mores desserts and bartending ideas please visit us today at - Celebrating one drink at a time!