Give Your Party a Theme, and Give Your Guests a Blast!

Give Your Party a Theme, and Give Your Guests a Blast!
No more with the same old boring parties. News flash! Themed parties are the new in thing. Forget what you were told about themed parties or costume parties being for kids alone. These days, costume parties are just what is needed to spruce up various events and give your guests a fun filled event that they will never forget.

Most people shy away from themed parties because they do not know the appropriate theme to go with, or they believe that their guests might not participate. Some say it’s childish, but there is a way to draw the line between a kid’s Beauty and the Beast themed 5th year old birthday celebration, and a grown person’s princess themed costume party.

What Kind of Themed Party Would You Like?

Playing dress up, within reason is something that you should not shy away from, because it’s always in style. What you have to do though, is decide how you want to incorporate costumes into your next event. A perfect way to start is to decide what kind of themed party you would like to have. It could range from a cute blast from the past party to a raging 4/20 party. It all depends on the crowd you’re trying to please. At the end of the day, you’re the only person that knows the kind of guests you’re surrounded by, but we are here to make sure that we give you the best advice and ideas to make sure that the themed parties are one for the books.

There are so many ways to decide on creative themed ideas in Colorado for any kind of event. These themed ideas could range from your favorite childhood superhero to a theme based on major events; like a Superbowl themed party during the playoffs. In the Denver area alone, there are various ways to incorporate surrounding locations into your costume parties or your themed events. For example, if you decide to go with a themed party such as Beerfest, you could always decide to visit any of the various Colorado breweries in the area. It saves on decorations as the brewery has all the supplies you’d need. All you would have to do is show up with your guests with their creative costumes made out of empty beer cartons or beer cans. It’s the perfect theme for people who want to have a beer tasting party with a creative twist. The same goes for having themed parties that include a wine and cheese theme; you could always opt for a Colorado winery to host your themed invite.

If you’re deciding on having a costumed party or a themed event, it is advisable for you to go all out. The little things matter when it comes to these things; it’s all in the details. For example, an 80’s icons themed party will see your guests dressing like favorite stars from the past. The details at such parties would be the additional decorations like disco balls, cut out guitars pasted on the wall, 80’s music playing in the background, or even signature cocktails created or inspired by the 80’s. One misconception when it comes to costume parties is that hosts shy away from the idea because they believe that it involves dressing up like a tacky character from a kid television show – not like there’s anything wrong with that; but when it comes to a costume party there are no rules.

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Take an era like the roaring 20’s, a recognized holiday like St. Patrick’s Day, or an event like All-Star Weekend, and plan a themed event or a costume party around that. It does not always have to be a party that requires you to go shopping for a superhero costume. It is something as simple as letting your creative side open up to the different possibilities that can happen when you take your favorite holiday or favorite event and create a themed party around it.

A themed event is a great opportunity to give your guests a fun and exciting experience, as well as something to talk about for a while. In the Denver area alone, there are a lot of themed ideas for people who are looking to throw an unforgettable party for their guest. If you need help picking a theme or want more information about throwing a themed party or hiring the best bartenders to make your event stand out- contact us today at - Celebrating one drink at a time.