Move Aside Franzia! Boxed Wine is Now Tastier and a Definite Money-Saver!

Move Aside Franzia! Boxed Wine is Now Tastier and a Definite Money-Saver!
Boxed wine is no longer just for cheap unappealing wines. I know I know when some think of boxed wine they think of cheap and low quality wines, well that is no longer true. Many great quality wine makers are moving to this method of packaging their wines.

Many well known brands have begun adding boxed wines to their stock inventories; as well as several wine producers that only have boxed wines, for example Franzia, Bota Box and Black Box. Some of these producers are relatively new like black box and some have been around for generations like Franzia, which have moved from glass bottles to go the boxed route.

What Types of Boxed Wine is Available?

There are many types and tastes of wines available some of them are cabernet, merlot, zinfandel, chardonnay, riesling, pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc, red blends and white blends. Each producer will have their own flavours and blends special to their brands.

How Does it Work?

As wine is a liquid substance and cardboard is not exactly the greatest material for containing liquids. An easy solution this issue is to seal the wine into and airtight bag then place inside the box. This bottling solution was invented in 1965 originally the drinker has to cut off a corner of the bag and re-seal the bag after use, which was just not that convenient. Just 2 years later, an airtight valve was invented to be added to the boxes that allowed the pourer to pour with a push of a button and seal itself once the button is no longer being pushed.

Why Would a Manufacturer Choose Boxed Over Bottled Wine?

For the producers of the wines, it is a great way to cut packaging costs. It is significantly cheaper to be able to purchase the cardboard boxes than glasses bottles. This also cuts down on shipping costs, for both purchasing the packaging and shipping to the retailers.

What are the Benefits to Boxes of Wine?

It's Cheaper - Wine makers are able to produce and ship wines at a cheaper cost, meaning that the consumer costs can be reduced as well.

Larger Quantities – Typically boxed wines come in larger sizes than the standard bottle sizes. There are commonly two sizes of bottles that are regularly available and purchased; these are regular (750mL) and large (1.5L). Boxes wines can contain 1.25-3L of wines, that’s 1.5-4 times the regular size bottles.

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Longer Shelf Life: Once a glass bottle of wine is opened, it should be consumed within days of opening as pouring out of the bottle increases the oxidation level of the wines. Boxed wines thanks to the airtight pour spout don’t allow for the air to enter into the bag as it empties thereby decreasing the amount of oxidation; which means that your shelf life increases up to 3-4weeks.

Reduced Waste: yes glass bottles can be recyclable but they should be returned to the liquor stores as they are bulky and take up a lot of space in landfills when people do not choose to recycle them. Where as with cardboard, when broken down takes up much less space and if they end up in landfills, cardboard as it is a paper product can breakdown overtime. It takes far less energy and resources to crush the box products than to melt and form the glass bottles.

Here are the Top 10 Locations to Buy Boxed Wine in Denver

1) Argonaut Liquor

2) Applejack Wine and Spirits

3) Boulder Wine Merchants

4) City Wine

5) Corks

6) Davidson Liquors

7) Heritage Wine and Liquors

8) Mondo Vino

9) SIP fine wine and spirits

10) The Vineyard Wine Shop

When is a Good Time to Choose Boxed Over Bottled Wine?

Anytime. If you are looking to reduce your costs for an event and choose not to purchase the more expensive bottles of wine, try serving a delicious brand of boxed wines for your wedding wine and toasts instead. For any event it is recommended to buy your liquor and wines in bulk whenever possible to save on costs.

Adding a bartender to any event that you are planning can help plan your bar to be cost effective and fun. EventBartenders can help to create wedding cocktails that can include wine.

Do you have any questions about boxed or bottle wines? Do you need help with planning your bar? Do want more information on our bartending services in the Colorado area contact us or visit to request a quote today, or book your next event today. EventBartenders - Celebrating one drink at a time!